Ginger Cat


Commissioned watercolor paintings make timeless gifts that you or your loved ones will cherish for years to come! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Perfect for:

  • Wedding or anniversary gift

  • Birthday gifts

  • Graduation gift

  • Retirement gift

  • Celebrating the birth of a child

  • A housewarming gift

  • Painting of a favorite place

  • Honor a memory or moment at a special place

  • A heartfelt reminder of a fur baby

Don’t have a photo, or short on a deadline? You can buy a gift certificate!


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Watercolor Painting

I use the highest quality professional artist grade paints and papers to create your art work such as Winsor and Newton watercolor paints and Arches 140 ln cold press paper.

Submissions are currently open for 2022! See the details below:

How it works

1. Pick your photo

See the tips below for picking the best photo of your pet, then send it to me:

2. Pay Deposit

Once your $100 non-refundable deposit is received and we've looked over your photo, I'll get started on your hand painted portrait! This deposit will be applied to the final price.

3. Delivery + Final Payment

When your custom pet portrait is complete we will coordinate delivery and final payment. You can send your final payment through my website, use code DEPOSIT to apply your deposit.

Submitting your pet portrait photo:

Once your $100 deposit has been received, send me an email with your photo to:

Please make sure that your photo meets the listing requirements:

(i.e. an 8x10 watercolor pet portrait for $250 is for one head shot of one pet only.)


In the body of your email, share the story of your companion to help me get to know their personality!

Then attach your photo - making sure it is clear and well lit. Be careful of back lighting or cast shadows. Most smartphones can take a great photo if you just follow a few tips! The best lighting is during the day, with loads of natural lighting. If indoors, taking a picture by the window works well. If you need to, find something to keep your phone steady, and try to get your pet as still as possible. It may take a couple tries - so don't get discouraged! Several of the example photos below were taken on the same phone in different conditions - so it is possible to get a great shot!


Examples of a good photo: 

Examples of a bad photo:

-Great, full view and centered head shot

-Good Lighting


-No items in the way

-Bad angle

-Poor Lighting


-Obstructive objects

Cat Close Up
Dog Listening
Cat Portrait
Sleeping Dog


When you purchase my artwork the copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by me, unless transferred in writing. Artwork may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated, or used in any way for commercial or personal use (stationery, holiday cards, coffee mugs, etc.) without my express written consent.